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Mental Capacity Services

Experienced. Professional. Trusted.

About Deputy Curae

Deputy Curae is a dedicated solution to support the Mentally Incapacitated and their families.


For the vulnerable and the incapacitated in our society we are privileged to be able to extend our help and support. Our mission to protect and support individuals, and the families, so as to build a strong and resilient society that all are able to thrive. 

Our core services are

  • Mental Capacity Act Court Applications 

  • Donee/Deputyship Services for Personal Welfare

  • Donee/Deputyship Services for Property and Affairs

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

  • Certificate Issuance Services for LPA

  • Annual Report Compilation for Deputies


Adeline Chong is an Advocate and Solicitor and has been in private legal practice since 1997 as a civil litigator in dispute resolution work.

In 2019, in response to the need for qualified professionals to practice in the specialist field of Mental Capacity and Elder Law, Adeline was accepted to be registered as a PDD with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

Adeline also serves the community as an accredited Mediator under the auspice of Singapore Mediation Centre, and the Law Society Mediation Scheme as well. 

Our Commitment to the Community

At Deputy Curae we recognise that each case is different and warrants care and detailed attention.


Our commitment is to support the community by delivering quality Professional Deputy and Donee services promptly, effectively and with utmost professionalism.

Overview of Onboarding Process

For Professional Deputyship services, we undertake a comprehensive sequence of steps before accepting the role.


Understanding Scope of Services

Listen and observe:


Finding the right fit to meet your needs is a choice not to be taken lightly. We will conduct a preliminary assessment to ascertain your instructions and goals. This will be done through one or a few exploratory meetings with persons concerned and the potential patient.



Transparency of service delivery:

We will provide a comprehensive understanding of the scope of our duty and services. In appropriate cases the milestones for each stage of the services will be identified.

Followed By

Obtaining Court authority

Prelude to service delivery:

We will work with our trusted partners to submit the Court application for appropriate orders and directions so as to be equipped with the necessary authority to deliver our services.

Service Delivery and Continuity

Once equipped with the powers from Court, we will work tireless to act always in the best interest of the patient, whilst maintaining accountability and providing transparency to the patient's loved ones and to the Office of the Public Guardian


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